Olivier Masson

International Communications

2015, May 20th :  Studying “endowment effect” with NAO robot, “Paradigms in social sciences – present and future”, Kielce, Poland

2015, May 21th : Advanced technologies in psychology : NAO robot in exchange situation, Green Meetings, Kielce, Poland. In Press

2015, July : NAO robot and the endowment effect, The 2015 IEEE International Workshop on Advanced RObotics and its SOcial impacts (ARSO2015), Lyon. In Press

Education Steps

2013–2015 : Master Natural and Artificial Cognitions (CNA), Paris 8 University and EPHE, Paris. Speciality Artificial Intelligence, under Jean Baratgin‘s direction.

2014, November, december : Formation to Programming NAO robot with Choregraphe software, under the direction of Fabien Ruggieri

2010–2013 : Licence of Psychology, Paris 8 University, Paris.