Antoine Marie

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I am a Frontières du Vivant doctoral (ED 474) PhD D student working under the joint supervision of Jean Baratgin (University Paris 8, head of PARIS Reasoning) and Brent Strickland (Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS). I conduct psychology experiments and develop evolutionary theory to investigate the ultimate functions and proximate nuts and bolts of human tribalism (e.g. ideological polarization, extremism, ‘self-sacrifice’) and ‘moral rigidity’ (folk deontologism, sacralization processes, folk moral objectivism).

Area of interest:

  • ideological polarization, transmission of political beliefs online
  • extremism, ‘self-sacrifice’
  • folk deontologism, sacralization processes
  • folk moral objectivism


Articles in preparation for peer-reviewed journals:

Marie, A. Altay, S., Strickland, B. (in preparation). ‘Sacred values’ and willingness to transmit political news stories

Marie & Strickland (in preparation). Commitment to a moral value positively predicts deontologism of intentions

Marie, A. Altay, S., Strickland, B. (in preparation). How to better communicate about scientific findings

Marie, A. & Fitouchi (in preparation). The Evolution of Moral Rigidity. Partner Choice, Error Management, and the Psychology of  Moral Transcendence.

Commentary articles:

Allard, A. & Marie, A.  (forthcoming). Explaining Historical Change in Terms of LHT: Promising, But A More Pluralistic Causal Framework Is Needed, commentary on Baumard, N. (forthcoming). Psychological origins of the industrial revolution. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. ​DOI:

 [Preprint downloadable here]

Marie, A. (2019). Moral Rigidity as a Proximate Facilitator of Group Cohesion and Combativeness, commentary on De Dreu, C. K. W. & Gross, J. (2019). Revisiting the form and function of conflict: Neurobiological, psychological, and cultural mechanisms for attack and defense within and between groups, Behavioral and Brain Sciences 42, e116: 1–66. doi:10.1017/ S0140525X18002170

 [Preprint downloadable here]

Marie, A. (2019). “Self-sacrifice” as an accidental outcome of extreme within-group mutualism, commentary on Whitehouse H. (2018). Dying for the group: Towards a general theory of extreme self-sacrifice. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 41, e192: 1–62. doi:10.1017/ S0140525X18000249

 [Preprint downloadable here]

Dictionary Articles: 

Marie, A. (2018). Radicalisation, Dictionnaire des passions sociales, dir. G. Origgi, Presses Universitaires de France [Preprint downloadable here]

Conference Posters:

Marie, A. “Self-sacrifice” as accidental outcome of extreme within-group mutualism”, [Poster downloadable here] Aegina Summer School 2018 “New Perspectives & Methods on Social Cognition”, June 24th to Sunday  July 1st, 2018, Hotel Apollo, Aegina, Greece