Léa Lachaud

Curriculum :

I am a PHD student in cognitive psychology at Paris 8 University and ESPCI-Paris. My thesis, focused on the links between the attention span and motivation in learning context, is co-directed by Jean Baratgin, François Vialatte and Charles Tijus. Before, I studied philosophy of sciences at Bordeaux III University and Sorbonne University (Paris I). I wrote my master thesis of philosophy on the Role of imagination in the construction of the body’s image under the supervision of Jean Gayon (Paris I). I then studied cognitive psychology at Paris 8 University. My master thesis of psychology under the supervision of François Vialatte (ESPCI-Paris) and Farid El Massioui (Paris XIII) is focused on the Modification of perceptual salience and the attention in mindfulness.

Position :

Currently I work on my thesis between the laboratory of CHArt-Lutin (cognitive psychology) and the laboratoy of ESCPI-Paris (neuro engineering). I also work on the project « Eiffel-a » at CHArt-Lutin that consists in improving the user experience of a Mooc platform.

Area of interest :

  • Attention and decision making
  • Reasoning
  • Perception
  • Mindfulness