Jean-Louis Stilgenbauer



I primarily studied the psychology at Metz Universtity and Paris VIII University. I wrote a Master’s 1 thesis on Category-Based Induction under the supervision of Guy Politzer. Next, I obtained a DEA (Master 2) of Cognitive Science at the EHESS and I wrote my Master’s thesis on the abductive reasoning under the supervision of Guy Politzer & Paul Bourgine. I also defended a thesis under the direction of Jean Baratgin entitled: Experimental Study of Causal Reasoning Strategies in the Estimate of Diagnostic Probability: Abductive Strategy versus Defeasible Deduction Strategy



During the last 15 years, I’ve been interested in higher education in general and e-learning in particular. I taught cognitive psychology and statistics at the distance learning Institut of Paris VIII (IED). I’m also a lecturer since 2013 at free university of philosophy and psychology (IPC) where I teach statistics and psychologie of reasoning.


Area of interest:

I have four main points of interest :

  1. I’m in general interested in causal and non-monotonic reasoning (abduction, IBE and induction) and for the subjective probability contribution in the fields of psychology of reasoning.
  2. I am also concerned in the nature of uncertainty (vagueness, risk, inconsistency). The concept of explanation (in psychology and epistemology) is also among my fields of interest.
  3. I’m also interested for R programming language and Bayesian statistics (the BUGS Project).
  4. Finally, I’m interested in adults with intellectual disabilities and with autistic syndrome in particular.




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  • Baratgin, J., Oçak, B., Bessaa, H. & Stilgenbauer, J.-L. (4-6 August 2016). Natural
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    Symposium conducted at the International Conference on Thinking, Brown University,


  • Stilgenbauer, J-L., Baratgin, J. (2015, december). Causal conditional rules in a diagnostic and predictive judgments. The 2nd International Seminar “Paradigms in the social sciences – present and future”. PSS-2015 1-2, IPP-WPiA UJK Kielce: Poland
  • Stilgenbauer J-L. & Baratgin J. (4-6 July, 2012). Diagnostic reasoning : abduction
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