Team members

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JeanBaratginJean Baratgin, Associate professor in psychology. Head of PARIS-Reasoning. Reasoning, probability judgment, decision making, behavioral economics.
Nicole - CopyNicole Cruz, Ph.D. student, Birkbeck, University of London (UK) and EPHE, Paris (France). The psychology of reasoning under uncertainty.
NicolasGauvrit Nicolas Gauvrit, Associate professor in mathematics, psychologist. Inductive reasoning, subjective probability, educational studies in mathematics.
EricHennekein Éric Hennekein, Ph.D. student, EPHE, Paris (France). Studies on reasoning and decision making in subjects with Burn-out“.
FrankJamet120Frank Jamet, Associate professor in psychology. Reasoning, developmental psychology, cross-cultural studies.
Olivier MassonOlivier Masson,
PhD student in psychology. Endowment effect, decision making, experimental development by robotics (NAO).
JPProuJean-Pierre Prou, Ph.D. student, EPHE, Paris (France). Endowment Effect and Kanak Culture“.
Jing Shao
Jing Shao. Associate professor in psychology, Upper Alsace University. Problem solving development in children, strategy, reasoning.

Jean-Louis Stilgenbauer. Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology in the free faculty of philosophy and psychology (IPC). Ampliative and causal reasoning, uncertainty, explanation, epistemology. Data analysis.

photoMathieuMathieu Vidal, lecturer in Computer Science, MIASHS, Univ. Grenoble Alpes. Reasoning, judgement, decision-making, rationality, logic, epistemology.