20 Tuesday March 2018 IPC: Cross-cultural studies & rationality day

P-A-R-I-S group  & IPC faculty organise the Tuesday 20 March A cross-cultural studies & rationality day

  • 14h – 14h 20 Nadège Guillard (P-A-R-I-S, Université Paris 8), Frank Jamet (P-A-R-I-S, Université de Cergy), & Jean Baratgin (P-A-R-I-S, Université Paris 8):

The Maka’a and the endowment effect: food and politeness

  • 14h 25 – 14h 45 Gabriel de Gans, & Jean Baratgin (P-A-R-I-S, Université Paris 8):

Conditional probabilities: contribution of eye tracking and cultural differences

  • 14h 50 – 15h 25 Jing Shao (P-A-R-I-S, Université de Haute Alsace), Dilane Tirikibanka (P-A-R-I-S), & Jean Baratgin (P-A-R-I-S, Université Paris 8):

A comparative study of conditional reasoning in Chinese and French

  • 15h 30 – 16h Pr. Hiroshi Yama (Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Osaka City University):

Low context culture and high context culture: A cross-cultural study on enthymematic inference



IPC – Facultés libres de philosophie et de psychologie (Henri Bergson room, room 6), 70 Avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris (RER Port-Royal)

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