Nicolas Gauvrit


I primarily studied mathematics and non-classical logics, and then turned to psychology. I hold a PhD in cognitive science (EHESS, ENS), and a master’s degree in psychology (Paris-Saint-Denis) and in pure mathematics (ENS Lyon).

I’m a member of the scientific board of Science… et pseudo-science, a french equivalent of Skeptic Magazine. I also was an elected member of the French Statistical Society and the Algorithmic Nature Group.


As for now, I am an associate professor in educational studies and mathematics at the ESPE in Douai (France).

Area of interest

I am particularly interested in educational studies in mathematics, with a focus on probability, statistics and reasoning. More generally, I’m interested in connections between mathematics and psychology. I regularly attend and give speeches to the yearly European Mathematical Psychology Group Meeting.

For a few years now, I’ve been studying algorithmic complexity applied to psychology, which is my main focus now.

I’m also interested in science diffusion, and am the author of a dozen books about reasoning, critical thinking, psychology and statistics.